Our hospitality journey began when hotel rooms had real ‘metal’ keys, our property management system was a combination of a cash register, a multi-colored tape chart to manage our inventory and a card rack hung on the wall to show occupied rooms.  Most hotels have updated their technology and efficiency since then but the belief that every member of our staff is a concierge to our guests has stayed true.  Superior Hospitality Partners is an organization with a lot of history.  The father and son team of Dan Trotochaud and Eric Trotochaud combines experience began at a 40 room independent hotel in Marquette Michigan.  Their experience has also included Vice Chair of Michigan Travel Commission, The School of Hospitality Business Alumni, Resort hotel ownership in Mackinaw City, President of Michigan Lodging and Tourism, Opening Team of the Hospitality Division at Comerica Park, Wyndham Advisor, President of Northern Michigan University Alumni Association, and Leading 2 automotive manufactures to the highest level of client satisfaction.


Welcome to Hospitality Mentality 360.  HM360 will guide you through many local attractions and discuss a series of hospitality ideals, topics, and skills using Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Throughout our many years in the hospitality/tourism industry we realized that the small details can have the most direct and meaningful impact on the quality of the stay for our guests. 


The ability to elevate your team to a point that every guest, visitor, or client sees them as a concierge will allow you to continuously create the memories that will be shared for many years.  A common question that is asked by guest is “What is there to do in the area?”.  Many times the guest are directed to a brochure rack or given a handout that provides a list of activities in the area and the team member has no personal experience/knowledge to share.  We realize the likelihood of a staff having the time to visit all of these attractions is low. However, with the use of technology, we can make this happen in a fraction of the time. The VR technology we employ will virtually guide anyone through highlighted attractions and present them in a way that makes the user feels as though they are visiting the attraction in person.  Adding another layer to this paired service and technology is the Hospitality Mentality 360 Mindset modules. Many times, we find ourselves moving through processes and forget to remember that this is a unique experience for our guest.  Hospitality Mentality 360 has combined many well know training topics with our Virtual Reality technology.  The technology affords the participant the ability to experience these interactions that can have significant impacts on quality of stay entirely through the perspective of a guest.


Transition/change are usually difficult and at time happens without warning or a plan on how to execute the end goal.  SHP has worked with many CVB’s throughout the State of Michigan to help them through planned or unplanned times of change.  Our role with each organization has been different and was  customized to their needs.​​

    • Interim Director while the board found their next director after an unforeseen change in leadership

    • Work with organizations to review and rewrite the processes/procedures

    • Developed & implemented a plan to bring an organization in compliance and to a level for long-term success.  

    • Lead national searches for a bureau’s board of directors to find candidates to fill open positions.

    • Facilitated & lead strategic planning session to help an organization determine their mission/vision/purpose while creating a plan and helped to execute. 


Often Hospitality Mentality is introduced to your organization through a workshop or at one of our speaking engagements.  These events have been customized to be able to deliver a message to groups with less than 10 attendees to audiences of more than 200 individuals.  Regardless of the audience we build our message on the foundation of the Hospitality Mentality Absolutes.  These absolutes have guided us since the beginning of our hospitality journey. 

Dan Trotochaud
  • After retiring from hands on hotel ownership I decided to use my experience of the hospitality industry to assist clients in maximizing their business potential. Owners and managers are often focused on day to day operations and may miss opportunities to enhance the guest experience with minor changes that will make your guests become

  • loyal fans.


  • My 30 years of management and leadership experience keeping my hotels at the very top of the market brings an unique focus to these areas. My “think like an owner” philosophy has been invaluable in teaching my team at all levels to be aware of the impact they have on the guest experience. Our comprehensive review and customized application of these concepts will improve your market share, boost social media ratings, and increase guest satisfaction regardless of  competition in your market.

  • These improvements will bolster your bottom line.

Eric Trotochaud, CHRM

I began my journey of creating memorable experiences for guests at a very young age while working at our family owned hotel.  After many years of working through all departments in our family hotel, I began my formal education at Michigan State University in The School of Hospitality Business.  Since graduation I have had the privilege of expanding my experiences within the industry. 


My foundation in hospitality has been applied to many different businesses. Educating and training staff in non-traditional hospitality businesses about the belief in the experience of the consumer & the importance of the stories that they tell has been paramount to our success.  Hospitality is not an industry or type of business; it is a mindset that builds the foundation for success through developing the experience.


"Superior Hospitality Partners provided a unique approach to the training modules they utilized in recent sessions for the staffs of several of our properties. They first mystery shopped our hotels and developed training to emphasize the areas that need help. We found this approach to be beneficial and improved staff performance. Our staff varies in experience but even the seasoned veterans felt there was helpful information provided."

"Thank you for all your help in our quest for hotel ownership.  We feel without your assistance we may have made a bad investment... Your experience is second to none.  It is services such as yours we feel are essential to being successful in the industry." 

Jim and Debbie Cook - hotel investors 

 Ketan Patel - President, SCA Hotels 

Jeff Holt - Sault Ste Marie EDC Executive 

Director:  "They did a tremendous service for our



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